Tuesday, February 5, 2013

War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells


Number of Pages: 200
Publisher: Tor Classics
Date of Original Publication: 1898
ISBN #: 0-812-50515-8
Hey guys.
I’m feeling another old classic needs to be reviewed. More like I had to read it for my science fiction and fantasy literature class so here you go: H.G. Wells’s War of the Worlds.
This novel is about England in the 1890’s being attacked by martians. The theory is that the Martians were humans who became more evolution advanced by a few thousand years (if that made any sense..it’s going on midnight) due to Mars having a longer life then Earth, however Mars has a decreasing temperature so they come to invade earth for our land. The key point of their attack point is to show how Imperialism is not always the best of all ideas. England and the time thought they were superior during their reign but Wells emphasizes the human ego by crushing it with a group of aliens who come in much more technologically advanced and wipe them out.
The main character of this novel does not have a name he is simply known as the Narrator. The Narrator shows many humanistic elements that make it realistic. His fear from the alien invasion, his panic when it comes to the thought of being separated from his wife, the curiosity he has towards finding out new information about the martians, as well as his compassion and sympathy towards the victims of the inhabitants.
The enemies, known as the martians, are described to be very human like in appearance yet the exact opposite at the same time. They do not sleep or eat, they do not have a digestive system and reproduce asexually yet they inject blood into themselves to maintain the nutrients which brings a vampire theory into play. They do not ever become ill due to having none to little diseases at their homeland which becomes a problem when their immune system is unable to handle and support the human diseases that they become exposed too. 
Interesting nerd fact: Wells is the first author ever to implement telepathy  into a science fiction villain/enemy. 
Alright. I won’t give too much a way (even though i could)
I actually quite enjoyed this book. At times I felt as though it was too wordy and slow yet the overall action in this novel and the events that took place were realistic and true to human nature which is why I would definitely recommend this novel to any one who likes realistic fiction as well as science fiction. I would say go for it and read it and see what you think.
I rate this one a 4.5 out of 5, for a developed story line, good action, and  getting straight to the point.
I will try and get my next book review up as soon as possible. Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns for me, let me know, or just simply want to talk to me. I will do book requests. You can send me a message to me on here or E-Mail me at: TeamBellisle@yahoo.com
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