Friday, March 1, 2013

Edge of Dawn (MB Book 11) by Lara Adrian

Number of Pages: 273
Publisher: Delacorte PressDate of Original Publication: January 29, 2013ISBN #: 978-0-345-53260-2

Hey everyone. Time for a new review! I read this book in one day…Tuesday. The date of its release. Took me only seven hours but I loved it! This is for Lara Adrian’s Book 11 to her Midnight Breed series, “Edge of Dawn”. I have reviewed all of the other 10 books on my tumbler account and have loved every single one of them. Lara proves herself again to be a strong writer in this one as well.

Book 11 is based twenty years later then book 10 “Darker after Midnight” when the new children in the series are grown up and a war between vampires and human is at stake. I do have to be careful what I say on this because of the amount of people I have reading this who read this series and do not want spoilers.

 The two main characters in this novel are Mira and Kellan Archer. Mira and Kellan have grown up together in the Order’s compound since they were the ages of ten and fourteen. When Mira was twenty-one she and Kellan (twenty-five) were involved in an accident on patrol one night. Kellan was murdered in a warehouse bomb…so it seemed.

Eight years later and a VIP that Mira was supposed to escort to a political rally goes missing; abducted just moments before she arrives, she finds them and gets kidnapped in the process. When she awakes she finds out that she’s being held captive by her ex lover Kellan who had been presumably dead. Mira and Kellan must find a balance between the lives they live and prove to each other that they can stop a war from occurring while being together in the end forever.

Lara introduces a variety of new and exciting characters and develops a quick and entertaining plot line. This novel is definitely a fast paced, page turning novel. You won’t want to put it down. I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who is a fan of the supernatural/paranormal/romance/action type…did you get all that?

I would give this book a 5 out of 5.

By the way book 12 Crave the Night is based off of Nathan. There has not been a release date for that but I’ll get it noted as soon as I find out.

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