Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward (BDB book 1)

Number of Pages: 402
Publisher: Signet
Date of Original Publication: September 6th, 2005
ISBN #: 978-0451216953

Yes, 2014. Starting it off with the flu and losing a job. So guess what? More reading! Yay! This one was a recommendation to me, this is J. R. Ward's Dark Lover. Book one to her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This series is up to 12 books now, it is similar...I say similar lightly, to Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series which is why it was recommended to me.

Beth is a journalist, more like an editor for a newspaper company, not much is said about what she actually does yet we get a view of her stuck-on himself boss. Wrath is the eldest of his vampire race, only about three hundred years old, oh and he's going blind. Their worlds collide when Beth's vampire father requests Wrath to assist Beth's change to adulthood, as their race does not become vampires until 25 in age. He wanted her to survive with his blood and no other because his daughter is half human and not of full vampire heritage. Wrath refuses his request and helps her see out the transformation, they fall in love and fight to the end together, along with the rest of the brotherhood, just a few, four if I remember, other vampires who have obstacles to them as well.

Alright, this series was not similar to Adrian's Midnight Breed series. The characters were barely developed, the relationship was rushed, and the action was pathetic; in my opinion. I personally felt that she spent too long getting to Beth and Wrath's introduction, then realized how long her book was so she rushed the relationship. One minute their meeting, the next they're fighting, then the next she agrees to marry him. To me it wasn't realistic.

Ward develops a new language for these elders yet does not describe it very well. There is a glossary in the front, yes in the front, as if you are to memorize the words before you read her book, and she uses the vocabulary often and less frequent enough that it was slightly confusing. Honestly I don't like maps or glossaries at the beginning, I want to read a book and be able to understand it, not have to flip to the beginning a billion times. Her writing style was mediocre and the fight scenes were typical.

I ordered the entire series, all twelve books I did. I just received books 8, 9, and 12 in the mail today, yet it's #2 I need; so you won't see a review for #2 for a while. Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon was also recommended to me but I need to finish this series first. I have been told it 'gets better' and I will hold it to the end.

★★★ This book is getting a 3 out of 5. (Yes I have actual stars now!)
I have picked two random books out from the library to pass the time until I receive book 2 in the mail.

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