Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cemetery Girl by David Bell

Number of Pages: 389
Publisher: New American Library
Date of Original Publication: October 2011
ISBN #: 978-0-451-23467-4

Hey guys I'm back for a little while. 2013 has been a really rough year on me and reading sure hasn't been a possibility for me lately but I did manage to finish this one, Cemetery Girl by David Bell. I will try not to rant or be too negative in this review however I do not recommend it. I wish I would've chosen another book to read.

Abby and Tom Stuart are struggling to regain a strong life after the disappearance of their 12 year old daughter Caitlin. Their marriage is no longer to be, they lose the family pet, friendships are lost, as well as made but the ground still is crumbling beneath them because something is not quite right. Caitlin is found and returned four years after her disappearance. She is now a young woman who does not fear her captor but more is in love with him and has conflicting views with her parents opinions of the situation.

I have to be real honest here. I never read book reviews from others until after the book has been read by myself but this book was so bad that I started reading other reviews half way through the book. And I wasn't alone. The characters are unlikeable and flat. The storyline is never rounded properly, so much potential the storyline could have fails completely by the end. So many open ended questions are left, the characters never round out, and the overall mood of the book stays grim until the end. Of course Grim/Dark books don't always need to lighten up but this was to the point where the story line wasn't even believable. This is not a sci fi/nor fantasy. This is realistic fiction and it just didn't do it for me I'm sorry guys.

I am giving this book 1 out of 5 for lack of depth, flat characters, unbelievable storyline and just being a really dull book.

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PS: Lara Adrian's Book 12: Crave The Night had an original release date of February 2014. It was pushed back due to an illness to April 2014. And now Lara has announced she is pushing it to August 2014, but she will also throw in Lazaro Archers novella right after Crave The Night's release. Such a bummer to wait though. RAWR!