Saturday, January 5, 2013

Death Was the Other Woman by Linda Richards


Number of Pages: 261
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Date of Original Publication: 2007
ISBN #: 978-0-312-37770-0
Hey guys I’m back so soon! So I had to do Secret Santa at two of my jobs and at one of them my S.S. gave me a pack of K-Cups for my Keurig and this book: Death Was the Other Woman by Linda Richards. It’s a mystery book, didn’t think much of it when I first started reading it. I read it between clients at work (which we’re not supposed to do but whatever) and I completely got hooked on it.
This novel is based in the early 1900’s during the times of prohibition and speakeasy’s in the city of Los Angeles. The main character is Katherine Pangporn, a once wealthy goody two-shoe type of girl living in her father’s wealth. After the stock crash her father commits suicide and she starts working as a secretary at a Private Investigator’s office, that investigator being a stubborn alcohol/gamble addicted man named Dex. They are shortly contacted by a wealthy woman who hires Dex to find her husband, after Katherine finds a dead body the story line begins to thicken and the mystery begins.
This novel is an easy read and it is one where you can’t put the book down until it’s done. Richards does a good job with her writing style and keeping her characters true to their story line. The novel will keep you entertained and the ending is a twist you don’t see coming. I would definitely recommend this to any one who is looking for a book to read!
I would give this novel a 5 out of 5 for good writing and a great story line.
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